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Join us in praying for the greatest student awakening that is changing the nations!  Prayer for The World Missions Summit 4 is vital to its success and worldwide impact.  We ask that campus groups, churches, and friends come together to pray for the Summit, submit their information below, and become a part of this great student awakening. When we all come together to pray, God moves mightily.

Please provide the name of your group, email address, and the amount of time you are committing to pray each week before January 4.

We will send you a short weekly email that includes a specific prayer request so that we can pray in concert together as we get closer to this historic event.

You may, if you desire, fast on Fridays as you intercede for the Summit.

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If you would like to update your info or increase the number of hours you or your group is committing to prayer, please use our Commitment Update Form.

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